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What makes a good candidate?

There are various elements to being a good candidate; at Carlton we believe good candidates should have solid core skills such as the following:

Adaptability, willingness to learn, honesty, reliability, enthusiasm, smart presentation and good interpersonal skills.

Someone with the above and those that communicate well with our consultants regarding what type of work they are looking for have proven to be characteristics that enable us to promote them to our clients.

Returning to work?

Returning to work after a break for whatever reason can seem quite a daunting prospect. It is important to talk to a consultant so that you feel comfortable with any positions that you may apply for, as applying for jobs at the right level to suit your skills and personality is paramount.

It is also beneficial that we at Carlton get to know you so we can recommend you to our clients and promote your whole profile as well as your work skills. Talking about the variety of vacancies we work on will help to increase your confidence in the potential of returning to work.

There are many ways to get back into work, please contact us to find out more.

Transferable Skills

At Carlton we believe that skills used in one position or industry may be transferable into another and by making the time to talk with a consultant, you will be able to expand on your CV and detail to us your strengths so that we can in turn promote these to our clients.

Before contacting Carlton you should think about your skill strengths; look at your work history and find the skills that you use on a regular basis, these will form the basis of your transferable skills. Start by looking at the following; people skills, your skills with information and your skills with things and then simply call us to discuss.

Students & Graduates

Work experience is invaluable to any student. If you're interested in working during your holidays or after finishing your studies, you'll not only be gaining valuable exposure to commerce but also improving your skills and making new contacts which may help in creating further opportunities. You'll also learn what you like and dislike and what you might want to do in the future.

Computer Skills

The computer skills that our clients look for depend greatly on the role being recruited for. You may find specific experience in a particular database or package is asked for or you may find the company are willing to provide training if you strongly match other skills they are requesting. For office support positions we have the facilities to test your skills to ensure that you match those required for the jobs you are interested in.

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